How To Use The Site

The webpage is designed to enable voters in the 2013 local body elections to easily identify those candidates standing for positions in Christchurch city who are opposed to selling the city's assets. A Ward-by-Ward, Community Board-by-Community Board list of candidates committed to defending our assets.
  • You can find a full list of candidates here
All candidates, seeking election to the Mayoralty,  Council and Community Boards in the 2013 local body elections, for Christchurch City have been invited to sign the Public Ownership Pledge.
  • You can find detailed descriptions of the wards and community boards here
The Pledge reads:
" I hereby pledge my support for keeping all significant public assets and services of the citizens of Christchurch in public ownership and control, accessible to public scrutiny, and having a primary purpose of serving the needs of our community and our economic, social and natural environment”
The Pledge was put together by Keep Our Assets - Christchurch (KOA) a loose coalition of community groups, political parties and individuals campaigning against the sale (partial or in whole) of state and local authority assets. KOA is the forum in which the campaign is coordinated locally and where ideas and resources are shared.
  • You can find out more about us on our home webpage here
  • A list of those involved in KOA can be found here
  • The public ownership pledge Facebook page is here 
The City's Significant Assets list was developed by KOA in consultation with others and is based on the current councils Three Year Plan 2013- 2016
  • You'll find the Significant Assets list here
You can find the names of candidates who have signed the Pledge below or via the index at the top of the page. Both candidates for Council and community boards are listed by ward